Projects: Shur-flo washdown pump installation

Boats get dirty, especially when hauling anchor off of a muddy bottom. Several months ago I found a good deal online for a Shurflo Blaster series washdown pump. In June of 2006, just in time for our month-long summer cruise, I finally got it installed.

I located the pump in the hanging locker on the starboard side where we had an unused seacock. Finding a tailpiece would keep the plumbing below the locker floor and headed in the right direction was a bit of a challenge, but I finally located what I needed at our local marine supply store, Wolf's Marine.

I originally intended to mount the pump on the hanging locker's forward bulkhead, but eventually decided that placing it higher and outboard, in a less useable portion of the locker, would be less likely to interfere with storage. I set the mounting bolts in a teak block and mounted it to the inside of the hull in a thick bed of epoxy. I left the epoxy to set up overnight and returned the next day to mount, wire, and plumb the pump.

Routing the plumbing to the anchor locker required drilling through four bulkheads in the forward cabin and v-berth.

I located the deckfitting on the port side just forward of a bow pulpit mounting flange to keep the fitting out of the way and provide some protection for the hose. After checking the location above- and belowdecks, I marked the center and used a spade bit to drill the hole. I then used a grinding bit on the Dremel to cut a slot for the deckfitting, marked my mounting holes, and drilled them.

I bedded the fitting in a thick bed of polysulfide, let it setup over night, then cut off the excess that had oozed from under the fitting and removed the tape. Note: Had there been core in this area and not solid fiberglass, it would have been necessary to seal the exposed core with epoxy prior to bedding the fitting.

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