Projects: Transom lettering and radar pole repair

Part of making a boat your own is giving her a new name, one that embodies the deep heart-connection every captain has for his vessel. Ariel was just the name for our boat. Her name means "Lion of God", which has a special meaning to our family. For my dad, a minister for 35 years and a lover of lions (including C.S. Lewis's Aslan), the name captures not only the power, mystery and enchantment of God, but also the bold and courageous spirit of the Christian soul, bravely following the will of God. For the rest of us, Ariel will forever bring to mind my dad's courageous, consistent, and spiritual guidance - and his love affair with the sea and a certain Cape Dory 36.

In addition to applying a new name, we also patched the five holes through the transom that used to be the radar mast mount. I made this repair early in the learning curve and didn't realize that epoxy discolors due to UV. Four years later (or so) and the epoxy plugs have turned into yellow pock marks on Ariel's butt. One of these days I'll paint them.

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