Projects: Mast Skirt

When I should have been busy studying or writing a paper for one of the classes I was taking during the summer ('04), I got distracted and decided that I wanted to do some sewing. After a trip to Ariel to take a few measurements, I headed to JoAnn Fabrics and braved the sideways looks and glares from the saleswomen who, apparently, aren't too eager to share what they know with beginners. Undaunted, I found what I needed, asked a few questions, and headed home with a bagful of materials: marine vinyl, velcro, thread.

It took some time to get my wife's el cheapo sewing maching dialed in, but after a few missed stitches and broken thread I was on a roll.

I used two-inch velcro to form the closure. This allows easy on-off and provides more adjustability. The skirt really spiffs up the cabin and hides all of the little scrapes and chips on the mast.

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