Projects: Fuel Gauge and Sending Unit

Why exactly I began working on the fuel gauge when I have so many other, more important projects ahead of me, I don't know. Perhaps it's because I'm trying to avoid the dirtier and more time-consuming jobs. I began by rewiring the old gauge, hoping that I might get lucky and get things to work. When that didn't happen, I pulled the sending unit out of the tank, dismantled it, and discovered that the contacts were completely corroded and falling apart. Rather than fuss with the old setup, I bought a new Tempo gauge and sending unit and started from scratch. The installation was very straightforward, but I did encounter a little difficulty reinserting the new sending unit in the tank - part of the bracket that supports the potentiometer was hitting the tank, preventing it from dropping in. A careful cut of the bracket and the unit slipped right it. I gave it juice and the gauge moved from empty to 1/4, so things are looking okay. I'm anxious, however, to get a full tank of diesel to see if the float can move freely without getting hung-up on the tank baffles. There may be a need for some more tweaking once Ariel's in the water. We'll see.

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