Projects: Drifter Construction

(8.20.04) Although the nonskid project has been finished since about mid-June, I'm just now finding the time to update the site. We ended up using Interlux's Brightside Polyurethane (Kingston Gray), coarse nonskid compound, and a flattening agent to knock down the gloss. After giving the deck a good sanding, washdown with TSP, wipedown with acetone, and then taping it off, we rolled on two coats of paint. The job went smoothly for the most part; however, painting in the hot summer sun on an fully exposed surface presented certain challenges. Not only was it miserably hot, but the heat caused the paint to tack up very quickly. This made it quite a bit more difficult to get a consistent texture with the nonskid because previously coated areas liked to grab extra compound on the overlap, leaving a concentrated area of nonskid. Fortunately, it took only one experience with that to sort it out and work out an application process that resulted in an even distribution of compound. The deck is good and gritty now - and I have the scabs to prove it! The time and effort was well worth it.