Projects: Battery Selector Switch

We discovered soon after purchasing Ariel that the current battery selector switch – the original – had dead spots during switching, a potentially expensive problem. Fearful that the switch might be operated while the engine was running, we decided that we should replace the switch with a new one, preferably one with diode protection. We ordered Perko’s 8503DP, and I installed it in 2003. I was a bit skeptical about the switch when it arrived because it obviously didn’t have the same dimensions as the original and I wondered how I would mount it. I knew, though, that the bolt holes were the same and I had a good feeling that I would be able to mount the switch flush with the electrical panel. I made a quick trip to our local marine store to pick up four two-inch long stainless steel bolts with washers and nylocs, and gave it a go. I was pleased to discover that the switch fit perfectly and looks better than the original. Fortunately, Perko maintained the same face dimensions so even though the new switch doesn’t slide into the cutout like the old switch, the face still fits in there nicely.

The new switch installed

The old battery selector switch

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